chris d smith
In contemporary art making, the languages of abstraction are almost inextricable from their academic and theoretical histories, but instead of simply reiterating any of these well-worn dialogues, I opt to only sample them. I have found within this long history of abstract painting many of the tools I use to carry out my own intellectual and aesthetic goals. The pains, joys, failures, challenges and accomplishments that I have experienced in the past, and my anxious anticipations of the future, each find a metaphorical place in the forms, palettes and textures that play out in my work.

Just as time is inherent in what our lives become, as is the process by which a painting is crafted. Purposefully exposing the layered history of my paintings, I instill the works with a complexity that mirrors that of a human experience. I aim for the tension and harmony that result from contrasting organic and geometric forms, neutral and saturated tones, and smooth and rough surfaces to both stimulate the viewer’s emotional and cerebral capacities as well as express my own perceptions and experiences.

I am calloused, tainted, and enlightened.

chris d smith - chicago, il